dr. Susyanti Arno

Since my younger years, I have always been fascinated by art and craft. At that time, cross stitch, embroidery and painting were my interests and occupied my free time. However, I never thought of myself as an artist, nor of art as a career.

My undergraduate education, in School of Medicine at Atmajaya University, was made possible by the support of my family. Graduated in 1985, I started working as a general practitioner in a local government clinic from 1985 to 1992. I then continued my working experience as the Head of Subsection in Mother and Child Health, then as the Head of Nutritional Division in 1997.

After completing my period of duty in government installation, craft started to occupy most of my free time. Throughout these years, I have taken a number of craft courses; such as papertole, parchment craft and deco book.

I first became interested in eggcrafting, or 'egging' as it is known, when I saw some beautiful decorated eggs during a trip to Perth, Australia in 1998. I was enraptured by them. Having taken some basic and advanced courses for a couple of days, bought some tools and all bits and pieces, I went back to Indonesia with a new excitement in mind.

While my first egg was goose egg, I have now added a variety of eggs to my collection, such as chicken, emu, and ostrich eggs. However, I do not mass produce. Each egg is 'one-of-a-kind' egg that cannot be replicated. Each design takes days (or even weeks) to do, while some take longer than others. That's what makes it unique.

After egging for quite sometimes, my friend, Marina Wiyadharma and I decided to have an eggcraft exhibition at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. Carrying the brand Eggcellent, we try to introduce this beautiful craft to the public. The exhibitions held in 2000 and 2001 gained very enthusiastic responses from the public, shown by the fact that more than half of the eggs were sold on the first day of exhibition!

Besides egging, I am still doing other crafts and actively pursuing any opportunities for advancing my skill and technique. In March 2001, following the supplementary training of Parchment craft in Netherlands, I obtained a certificate as a registered Pergamano teacher from the International Parchment Craft Academy. I also took a folk-art painting course in Singapore in 2001. I am now a member of Creative Egg Craft Guild of Western Australia.

Currently working as a general practitioner in PT. Kuala Pangan Clinic, it does not lessen my interest in craft a single bit. Today, craft is still my passion, and it will always be.


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