Carol Henry

Born in Hamilton, Ohio in 1960, Carol Henry attended the University of Cincinnati, School of Design, Art and Architecture. After moving to Marquett, Michigan in 1980, she earned her BFA in Photography from Northern Michigan University in 1983. As a student, she created a process of exposing Ilfochrome (then called Cibachrome) paper directly through her subject matter. While the process is now taught in photography programs, very few artists have mastered the technique.

The print, then, is a first generation original. When she is working in the 20x24" paper size format, the image is unique: one print only, ever. When she is working in 8x10" format, she makes an 8x10" copy transparency of the print and creates larger work from that.

Much of Carol's subject matter over the years has been floral, and one could be forgiven for the mistaken assumption that this process is uniquely suited to this subject matter.

This body of work, called florochromes, has won her the respect of the photographic community and a name for collectors and museums.
In the past two years, however, she has begun to develop an additional body of work, using glass, paper, and found objects with varying degrees of transparency / opacity to create her images with much the same process. This work has an inherently greater level of abstraction. The process, however, brings a quality of light: depth, luminescence, and refraction, to the image and subject that is unparalleled.

Carol Henry's work has been exhibited and collected widely in the United States, and is in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, among others.

Carol lives in Malibu, California with her husband and two children

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