Roman Loranc

Roman Loranc brings an Old World romanticism to his black & white photography of the California landscape. Born in Poland, Roman emigrated to the US in 1982, eventually settling in the Great Central Valley of California. He now brings his camera and conscious to bear on remnant landscapes and ecosystems so easily forgotten in today's fast paced world. His work evokes the passion and serenity of the subject matter, an eloquent fusion of environmental ethic and artistic technique.
 "I grew up in a mountainous region of Poland and spent many rapt hours exploring pristine trout streams and meadow marshlands before they were irrevocably altered by the damming and channelization that accompanied postwar Polish industrialism. Even though the Central Valley is a dramatically different landscape, my wanderings in remnants of Central Valley woodlands and wetlands are often, ironically, an effort to recover some of the purity and rapture of those early childhood experiences in my home region.
The Valley Oak woodlands and freshwater marshes of California's interior, even in their fragmented and desecrated islands, invite patience and solicitude. Unlike the mountains or the coast, the Valley is a "forgiving" landscape whose subtle textures of oak drape and tule mound. cottonwood glitter and willow blur--stroke the heart and evoke tenderness. At their best, Central Valley land- and waterscapes are nature at its most eloquent: 

hieroglyph, thicket of the imagination and psyche, Thoreau's santum sanctorum, as much within as without, as much sacred as hungry, always the dimension into which human beings reach for self-knowledge, wisdom and humility. The Central Valley I see is underappreciated and besieged, but beautiful nonetheless and still resilient and powerful enough to heal and to inspire healing."
Roman Loranc was born in Bielsko-Biala, Poland in 1956 and emigrated to the United States in 1982. Moving to California in 1984 rekindled his feeling for landscape photography. Roman now devotes 100% of his energy to his art.
Since settling in California's Great Central Valley, Loranc has increasingly turned to subjects in his backyard: the delicate wetlands shadowing the Pacific Flyway, the stirring and primeval contours of the Diablo Range, and the sinuous and radiant surfaces of once mighty Central Valley rivers.
While he does not shun engagement in regional issues and documentation of the undoing as well as the restoring of California wild lands, Loranc's work marks a return to landscape photography as intimate encounter with land and psyche. His work has been exhibited in many public and private galleries and recently was featured in the best-selling anthology, Highway 99: A Literary Journey Through California's Great Central Valley and Picturing the Central Valley (Heyday Books)

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