Don Kirby

Initially my photographic work concentrated on the Colorado Plateau, the canyon county of Utah and Arizona. Over the years the scope of my work has expanded to encompass areas of New Mexico, Montana, Texas, Wyoming, indeed all of the West. Within my landscapes I have completed a major body of work consisting of fine art images of Anasazi cliff dwellings in the Four Corners area. I continue to expand on that body of work today.

In the 1990's, I began a major study of the wheat country of the northwest. Eastern Washington State is covered with endless wheat fields, particularly the region known as the Palouse. My early photographs of the region responded solely to the sensuous curves of the wheat fields. As my work has evolved, I have focused on the complexity created by human presence in the area, while, at the same time retaining the strong graphic qualities of the region. Nazraeli Press published my first monograph, Wheatcountry; in 2001 in a first edition of 2000 case bound copies. Nazraeli Press published my second book You're Not Really Initiated Until Your Eyes Are Redder Than Your Lips in December 2002.

My photographs use the forms found in the landscape to say something about human nature, to create photographs that express life, feelings, growth, movement, and emotion, everything that characterizes vital existence. My interest is not the documentation of the object depicted, but the semblance, the look of it, and the emotional import of its form. The viewer is critical to my work, my photography is also a communication. While the act of taking a photograph gives me great pleasure, the viewer's response to my images completes the process.

My partner, photographer Joan Gentry, and I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We travel the western United States extensively in our pop-up 4x4 pickup camper, preferring to camp in out-of-the-way places in pursuit of our photographic interests.

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